August 2, 2016

Ground Segment

CNES is responsible for supplying the precise orbit. The SSALTO ground segment receives the DORIS telemetry (collected by the NSOAS ground stations network), the pre-processed GPS data (RINEX) supplied by NSOAS, and the laser measurements supplied by the ILRS network. These data are processed to generate 2 kinds of ephemerides (10-cm precision orbit in 24 hours and 5-cm precision orbit in 30 days) which are then delivered to NSOAS. These ephemerides are used to create altimetry products.

The altimetry products created by the Chinese partner (level 2), after calibration, are assimilated by the SSALTO/DUACS component to improve the multi-mission added-value products (levels 3 & 4).

CLS, the SSALTO multi-mission ground segment operator for CNES, is in charge of HY-2A ground operations in routine phase.